The Storm Begins To Brew…

I knew something was wrong.  I know my body and something didn’t feel right.  “Maybe it’s just the road trip,” I told my husband and son. Living in South Carolina, we had just arrived home from Arizona.  Maybe being in the car caused my feet and ankles to swell horribly.  They also felt like they were on fire!  My husband commented that we had taken this same trip the previous year and it didn’t affect me like that at all.  “He is right,” I thought to myself.  “Something is definitely wrong.”

The previous year…July 2015.  Our daughter and her family moved to Arizona.  On this particular trip, my husband and I followed them out west to help with our three grandchildren.  Our lovely daughter had planned a phenomenal trip with all the perfect stops along the way.  Our grandchildren are seasoned travelers, so for those of you wondering how we kept our sanity, it was quite simple.  I’m sure our daughter and son-in-law were somewhat stressed, but this was a move for them and a vacation for us.  Of course we were sad when we flew home ten days later…very sad.

I worried about our daughter on this entire trip because SHE has had severe rheumatoid arthritis for years. I often wondered how she was feeling in the truck, always in front of us…leading the way.  I had no idea what RA felt like but in just one short year, I would certainly find out.  I would not receive a formal diagnosis until November 2017.

About every three months after their move in 2015, my husband and I would fly out to visit them for what we pegged “short trips.”  They were absolutely never long enough. We were always planning the next trip around the time we arrived back home.

Early in 2016, our son expressed interest in taking the same road trip we had previously taken in 2015 because my husband and I talked about it often.   He is a teacher so the summer would best suit him. It was settled.  You didn’t have to twist my arm.  This was a done deal and I could hardly wait for June 2016 to arrive.  Even better, our daughter and grandchildren would be road tripping back with us so she could visit friends and family here in South Carolina.  This would be an official full out road trip!  AWESOME!

FINALLY, summer was upon us!  How exciting!  I was on cloud nine knowing we were heading out in the coming days to get all of our girlies. Our son-in-law would stay behind on this trip.  Someone had to take care of Leo, the family dog…my grand puppy.

It was June 1, 2016 and in preparation for our next great adventure out west, I was being “me.”  I was cleaning the house, shopping,  packing, etc.   I was totally in my element as I love to shop, I love to pack and organize, and I love a clean house!  If you’re going on a road trip, why not have a clean house for absolutely no one to see, right?

“Hmmm…that’s weird.”  In my cleaning frenzy, I had to step outside on the screened porch to get some fresh air.  Maybe the cleaning supply fumes were getting to me?  I doubt it.  I’ve used the same brand for years and it never bothered me before.  I had to step outside four or five times until I finished cleaning the house. I felt nauseated but never got sick. My elbows and knees had a twinge of  pain the following day, but I just knew that was from all the preparation involved. Advil temporarily did the trick for the twinge and I was no longer nauseated, but looking back, was this my storm approaching?

No worries or pity folks…I’M GOOD…I’M GOOD!

Carry on…and smile along the way!

I Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him; for he careth for you.”  (KJV always)