Stand Up! It’s Finally Here!


In a recent post, The Fun’s Just Getting Started…  I mentioned a conversation between me and my manager about a stand up desk.  You may remember, in that post, I was chasing “squirrels” but I finally got to this transformational conversation.

Fast forward to now.  Have you ever heard of Christmas in September?  Me neither, so I’ll just say I feel like a kid in a candy store!  Lord have mercy! Whoever invented the Varidesk Adjustable-Height Standing Desk, I want to kiss you!

As an administrator and a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer, transitioning from sitting to standing in an office setting all day long is devastating on the joints.  When sitting for extended periods of time, my joints seemed to harden like concrete and it takes a lot of willpower, gumption, audible moans or groans (or both) to stand up to get the joints to cooperate again.

“If only I could stand all day long, I think I’d be okay.” I nonchalantly told Mr. Wine.

Be careful what you say around the man with the name like the drink.  For more on his unorthodox personality, read This Little Thing Called Work…

He was able to get this very special order approved for me, probably to get me to stop moaning, groaning, limping, and complaining about my very unfortunate illness.

It finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier!  My chair is gone y’all!  It’s okay…this is a good thing!

I could hardly wait to get to work this morning…says no one ever!


Thank you Mr. Wine!

And anyone else that had a hand in ordering this amazing gift for little ‘ole me!  I feel special!



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