My Not So Great Christmas…

Lexington Medical Center is my local community’s amazing and highly ranked hospital.  I blog for their “Every Woman Blog” website twice a month.  I’ve been doing this since August, 2018.  I reblogged my Thanksgiving post (#7) a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to reblog my other posts as well.  In the Spirit of the Christmas season, this is my latest one (#8) published today.  I will share post 1-6 from LMC in the near future.  Of course, I will continue my “alternate” true life stories as well.  I appreciate your support in reading them!

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce

This blog post was initially going to be about delightful Christmas memories.  When I walked up the sidewalk at Salon on Main for my hair appointment before Thanksgiving, I knew I had to change direction.  Maybe I’ll reminisce about my childhood another year.

The statement on my salon’s marquee outside read, “Where God Guides He Provides.”  Of course, this sent my brain firing on all cylinders.  I could hardly wait to pen my thoughts onto paper.  Their messaging was great!  The memories it stirred?  Not so great!  Just stay with me a minute y’all.

My two adopted granddaughters, now ages 11 and 13 came to mind.  Their young lives have not always been merry and bright. Seven years ago, God saw fit to remove them from the hellish situation they were living.  Even though they now have all the love, care, and attention any child could ever…

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