Free Therapy Anyone?

This is the introduction post (#1) I wrote for Lexington Medical Center’s “Every Woman” blog in August 2018. I am slowly integrating this blog with “My Alternate Universe” blog.

If it looks familiar to my Facebook followers, it is not Groundhog Day, it’s still New Year’s Day.

I felt that my first post with them was a great way to start the new year. LMC post #1 was published with an introduction video as well. I am truly honored to write for their blog.

I am ringing in the New Year with an old post but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Happy New Year everyone!

Every Woman Blog

This month, we are introducing our new bloggers not only with their posts, but with a video!

Meet Marianna:

By Marianna Boyce

What is a blog?  Before March, 2018, I really didn’t know.  My very unique definition is as follows:

Blog (noun) – A public forum shared on the Internet where people can release pent-up frustration about living with daily chronic pain.  In sharing with others, feelings and emotions can be placed on the outside of oneself instead of bottling them up on the inside.

I had been suffering from intense pain related to an “undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis,” best classified as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Writing would be the release I needed to bring me back from the alternate universe I had been living.  In a nutshell, blogging would be my free therapy. 

My name is Marianna Boyce and I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I deal with daily chronic pain.Marianna


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