Our Fleeting and Pivotal Moments…

“Our Fleeting and Pivotal Moments” was the 2nd post I submitted to Lexington Medical Center’s “Every Woman Blog” published on August 30, 2018. I am reblogging this for three reasons. It serves as a good introduction for any new followers of “My Alternate Universe”. It will gel well with the post I am currently working on to release soon. Last but not least, re-blogging it places it on my website to weave it in with my personal story. (I want my two blogs in one place.) For those who have read it, thank you! For those who have not, I hope you enjoy!

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce

We all experience them.  More fleeting moments may be the first day of school or becoming a teenager.  Ahh…we knew it all then, didn’t we?

What was your first job?  Mine was working at Hardee’s in Lexington.  It was there that I learned the value of an honest day’s work, and I actually had some fun along the way.

I also recall the purchase of my first car. My daddy wasn’t sold on it but I HAD to have it. It was a yellow Pontiac Sunbird and it was also a lemon!  My daddy was right…again.  Yellow was indeed, the perfect color.

The next car I bought was a brand new Mustang.  Working at Hardee’s actually did pay my bills.  It was my car payment, insurance, and gas money.  I lived at home until I was married.

As for my first date with Gerry, he invited me…

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