Paying it Forward…

My latest post for Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman Blog. Thanks for reading. 💜

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce

Have you ever paid for a stranger’s meal behind you in a drive through?  How about picking up the tab for a military person or police officer’s meal at any restaurant?  They certainly have a tough job!  We hear of similar, heartwarming stories, but not nearly enough.  In a day where busy lives take over, we may overlook random acts of kindness.

I am typically not a selfish person, but a few years ago, excruciating pain unexpectedly invaded my body.  At the time, this overwhelming experience focused my undivided attention on my personal well-being.  It was all about me.  That “fight or flight” survival mode switched on, and no one else seemed to matter.  I’m not particularly proud of that, but I’m just telling you the truth. 

 My rheumatologist would eventually prescribe a self injected medication.  This stuff changed my life enough to focus…

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