A Purpose to Repurpose

My latest post (#15) for Lexington Medical Center. It’s a nifty idea for old T-shirts. Enjoy!

Every Woman Blog

By: Marianna Boyce

Do you have a dresser drawer (or two) overflowing with old, unworn, nostalgic T-shirts?  Are you the person who would simply purge them without batting an eye?  Maybe you’re happier packing them up and tossing them into the attic.  My son’s choice was to neatly pack his inside a flat, plastic bin conveniently rolled under his bed.

Being a member of White Knoll High School Marching Band (2002-2006) and Furman University’s Paladin Regiment (2006-2010), Cody had an over-abundance of band shirts—never to be worn again—but absolutely, never to be thrown away!

A few years ago, I stumbled across a website that repurposed his band related T-shirts into a queen-sized quilt.  I wondered if he’d be upset about me cutting those old shirts around the seams, boxing them up, and shipping them to our neighboring state of North Carolina.  I was a bit nervous, but when his birthday…

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    • I’m anxious to write it. 😅I’ve been so busy, but I hope to post it soon. In all honesty, I haven’t even started it yet. Once I start them, they typically flow fairly quick. I appreciate your interest in my blog.


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