“…the LORD hath His way in the whirlwind and in the storm…”

Every Woman Blog

Nahum 1:3a

by: Marianna Boyce

What’s unusual about attending church on Sunday night in the Bible Belt?  Nothing really, but when the sermon is interrupted by inclement weather alerts sounding on everyone’s phone, it is somewhat troubling.

image1 (3)

On March 3, 2019, two EF-1 tornadoes were barreling toward Lexington.  Our little church was directly in the path of the tornado south of I-20 in Red Bank.  My eyes widened as I glanced at the alert on my phone.  All I saw was, “IMMINENT DANGER…TAKE COVER NOW!”  I certainly love a good thunderstorm, but having never seen this particular alert, so it was somewhat disconcerting.

Our sound man, Ben, calmly gathered everyone (except for my daddy) in the back of the church where there were no windows.  Daddy bravely prayed in the sanctuary alone asking for God’s protection during this ominous storm.  He organized Beacon Baptist Church in 1989 and retired from the…

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