Summer Road Trip Series Part III: “Get Your Kicks on Route 66”

My latest post (#21) for Lexington Medical Center’s, Every Woman Blog. This is the third installment of my summer road trip series. Enjoy! 😎

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce 

After driving almost seventeen hours, we made our first stop on Route 66 in Amarillo at a humongous Texas-sized wheat field. We parked alongside the road running parallel to I-40 with other weary travelers. We all had the same plan…I just hoped they brought their own spray paint.

pic 2Wind was gusting to about 30 mph, so before getting out of the car at Cadillac Ranch, I put my hair in a messy bun. I was wearing the same blue and white Ralph Lauren dress and cute little white sandals from the day before. My husband Gerry, and son Cody, were also sporting the same clothes from the previous day, but no one cared. We were all having a blast.

I released the trunk to retrieve the lime green spray paint packed before leaving South Carolina. There were some old cars we wanted to leave our mark on…

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    • Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman Blog should post Part IV of my road trip titled, “Take It Easy” one day next week. I will re-blog it to my website also. After this road trip series ends in September, I will publish my next personal post soon after. I feel a little weird about placing a grim, dark, personal post in the middle of my amazing road trip. Thank you for inquiring. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 😊


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