About Marianna…

I remember the pivotal moment arriving home from the most amazing road trip across the United States of America. I knew immediately something was horribly wrong. Mere moments separated my comfortable, normal, life with a strange, new, alternate one. Within fourteen days, my body was in utter chaos.

I created My Alternate Universe on March 13, 2018 after endless frustration overloaded my confused and exhausted mind. My bitterness and discontentment were instantly released through writing. Simply stated, blogging was my free therapy. I appreciate your support through reading my true life accounts. I promise, they are not all gloom and doom. You may even find some that are quite comical.

My life changing health journey also led to a unique opportunity to contribute to Lexington Medical Center’s, Every Woman Blog. I’ve listed my articles with LMC on this website as well. Each vary in content, but also chronicle true life events.

I love new followers. Thank you for stopping by to visit!