An Angel in the Midst…Part II

For this post, I need to take a quick trip back to my high school days.  If any of my high school friends are reading this, don’t worry...I won’t tell on us! This quick trip immediately brings to mind that great divide between the popular kids and unpopular ones.  I personally hung out with a … Continue reading An Angel in the Midst…Part II

An Angel In the Midst…Part I

I do not recall all the intricate details of this pivotal day in September 2016.  I do remember the critical events that led me to the moment that gave me a small glimmer of hope.  A shimmering light in the distance was God’s answer to my prayer. *** I also vividly recall the never-ending pain! … Continue reading An Angel In the Midst…Part I

My Battle ~vs~ My War

I was editing my next article when suddenly, some new thoughts emerged.  I felt a nudge to change course and write this one instead. I know many people are dealing with their own personal battles.  There is no one, including loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even the strangers we pass by on a daily basis, … Continue reading My Battle ~vs~ My War