An Angel In the Midst…Part I

I do not recall all the intricate details of this pivotal day in September 2016.  I do remember the critical events that led me to the moment that gave me a small glimmer of hope.  A shimmering light in the distance was God’s answer to my prayer. *** I also vividly recall the never-ending pain! … Continue reading An Angel In the Midst…Part I

This Is a Test

Today I created a public “My Alternate Universe” Facebook page for all future personal blog posts.  I will also share the posts I write for Lexington Medical Center’s “Every Woman Blog” twice a month.  I did this in an effort to reclaim my private Facebook page for my normal life...whatever normal is! I enjoy writing … Continue reading This Is a Test

My New Reality… and the Littlest Things

My alternate universe made me feel as though I was living inside a glass bubble. My real, and very normal life was just out of reach on the outside of this crystal clear glass.   My new reality, on the other hand, is now taking place inside my bubble. I felt as though my forehead was … Continue reading My New Reality… and the Littlest Things

The Final Blow

God has so intricately designed the human body for everything to cohesively work together.  We are all so beautifully and wonderfully made. When one thing is amiss, it could potentially wreak havoc beyond belief, as in my mysterious case. My symptoms began with no warning and quickly created a vicious domino effect inside of my body. … Continue reading The Final Blow

“What We Don’t Enjoy, We Endure!”

It was 4:00 a.m., well before my clock was set to alarm.  I instantly woke from a dead sleep to fully awake. I thought I was having a bad dream!  I sat straight up holding both of my hands in front of my eyes, just like what you’d imagine happening in the movies. The room … Continue reading “What We Don’t Enjoy, We Endure!”

A Fabled Illness

This chain of events, and how they unfold, convey my story as a weird, twisted fairy tale.  I wouldn’t believe it for a moment if I had not been cast as the main character. I had a “stranger” knocking at my proverbial front door. This stranger was persistent and I really had no choice.  It … Continue reading A Fabled Illness

My Battle ~vs~ My War

I was editing my next article when suddenly, some new thoughts emerged.  I felt a nudge to change course and write this one instead. I know many people are dealing with their own personal battles.  There is no one, including loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even the strangers we pass by on a daily basis, … Continue reading My Battle ~vs~ My War

Right Here…Right Now…

I was recently (formally) diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  I felt that writing about it would be a great coping mechanism for me.  Many events have transpired to get me to this point, so if you feel like you’re in a boat all by yourself, this blog may make you feel otherwise.  I’m here to try … Continue reading Right Here…Right Now…