Carry On…and Smile Along the Way!

My doorbell rang this morning as I was having coffee and writing my next post.  My heart skipped in excitement as I already knew what it was…a box housing a nicely packaged styrofoam ice chest with three cold packs and bubble wrap all around my medication!

This medication, that momentarily sat on my front porch, causes my immune system to “sit down and shut up” (as my sweet sister-in-law puts it).  She is a nurse and she plays a very important role in my entire family’s lives. The Lord knew what He was doing when He chose her to marry my oldest brother.

When my husband brought my package inside and gently placed it on the kitchen counter,  I literally hugged the box!  He smiled at me knowing how thrilled I was to have this package in my possession.

I didn’t get it last month due to a miscommunication I mentioned in an earlier post. I am still feeling discomfort from the missing dose, but certainly plan to be back on track as soon as possible.  When I saw the number of refills, it placed a huge smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.  A small victory!  Yay!

Contrary to popular belief, rheumatoid arthritis has nothing to do with age. (That would be osteoarthritis).  My symptoms with RA began at age 48.  I recently turned 50.  “That’s old,” some may say.  Tell that to my niece’s thirteen year old daughter that was diagnosed with severe juvenile RA at 18 months of age…or my daughter that was diagnosed at the age of 27.

Our immune system works overtime trying to fight off healthy tissue around the joints thinking it’s foreign.  Everyone’s illness is very different.   What works for me may not work for them.  I prefer cold packs and they may prefer a heating pad to help with a flare. Their medication treatments totally differ from mine, as this is not a “one size fits all” illness.

I do not wish to re-enter my “alternate universe,” nor do I want to walk anywhere near it, but I do not want to forget it either.  I need to remember what got me to this point, which is why I’m writing about it.

For those of you who cannot smile today due to other circumstances in your life, hopefully you will find peace that passes all understanding.

I love all of my friends and family and want to convey to you today, March 20, 2018, to try and rejoice in  what some may consider small victories.

As always…I’M GOOD…I’M GOOD!

When all seems dark and gloomy…”Carry On…and Smile Along the Way!”

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” KJV (always)


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