Stand Up! It’s Finally Here!

  In a recent post, The Fun’s Just Getting Started…  I mentioned a conversation between me and my manager about a stand up desk.  You may remember, in that post, I was chasing “squirrels” but I finally got to this transformational conversation. Fast forward to now.  Have you ever heard of Christmas in September?  Me neither, so … Continue reading Stand Up! It’s Finally Here!

Who Me?

I would like to thank Crushed Caramel for recently nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  In following her blog, I gather that she lives in the UK.  With me residing “across the pond” in the Palmetto State of South Carolina, our unlikely paths still crossed.  (The beauty of blogging!) The rules of the award: 1. Thank … Continue reading Who Me?

The Fun’s Just Getting Started…

  It’s so funny how I plan to write about one thing, and it suddenly turns into a story about MANY things.  Some may call it chasing rabbits, I say, “SQUIRREL!”  Bear with me!  It was August 19, 2016 and I didn’t say a word to my periodontist about the horrendous joint pain I had … Continue reading The Fun’s Just Getting Started…

Surprise, Surprise…Just What I Needed!

Who doesn’t love surprises?  I did, but at this point, living in an alternate little universe, I’d have to say I really hated them!  I get it!  Hate is a strong word, and yes, my sweet mama taught me better than to use such harsh language, but I had incredibly strong pain to match exactly … Continue reading Surprise, Surprise…Just What I Needed!

My Million $$$ Body Armor

It was painful trying to lie still after moving around, but equally painful to move around after lying still.  I was living my life in a paradox. My body was screaming for help and my brain didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders.  Where was a flux capacitor when you needed one?  I couldn’t … Continue reading My Million $$$ Body Armor

Emily’s Story…Her Invisible Disease

INTERVIEW WITH A JRA WARRIOR Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis ~ A type of arthritis that causes joint inflammation and stiffness for more than six weeks in children aged sixteen years or younger.  It affects approximately 50,000 in the United States alone. I have been looking forward to introducing sweet Emily!  She is my niece and is … Continue reading Emily’s Story…Her Invisible Disease

My Unhinged Roller Coaster Ride

Who doesn’t love a great roller coaster ride?  I understand they are not for everyone, but I love them!  It’s been awhile, but I would hop on one in a second if I could, even at the tender, young age of fifty. (Haha!) The adrenaline rush I get is exhilarating!  The more twists, turns, dips, … Continue reading My Unhinged Roller Coaster Ride

My New Reality… and the Littlest Things

My alternate universe made me feel as though I was living inside a glass bubble. My real, and very normal life was just out of reach on the outside of this crystal clear glass.   My new reality, on the other hand, is now taking place inside my bubble. I felt as though my forehead was … Continue reading My New Reality… and the Littlest Things

The Final Blow

God has so intricately designed the human body for everything to cohesively work together.  We are all so beautifully and wonderfully made. When one thing is amiss, it could potentially wreak havoc beyond belief, as in my mysterious case. My symptoms began with no warning and quickly created a vicious domino effect inside of my body. … Continue reading The Final Blow

“What We Don’t Enjoy, We Endure!”

It was 4:00 a.m., well before my clock was set to alarm.  I instantly woke from a dead sleep to fully awake. I thought I was having a bad dream!  I sat straight up holding both of my hands in front of my eyes, just like what you’d imagine happening in the movies. The room … Continue reading “What We Don’t Enjoy, We Endure!”

This Little Thing Called Work…

It was Monday, June 6, 2016, just a few days before my anticipated vacation. I would meet, and work with my new district manager for the first three days of the week. I literally just met the man, shook his hand, exchanged a few niceties, and advised him of my impending departure just a few days … Continue reading This Little Thing Called Work…

A Fabled Illness

This chain of events, and how they unfold, convey my story as a weird, twisted fairy tale.  I wouldn’t believe it for a moment if I had not been cast as the main character. I had a “stranger” knocking at my proverbial front door. This stranger was persistent and I really had no choice.  It … Continue reading A Fabled Illness

Carry On…and Smile Along the Way!

My doorbell rang this morning as I was having coffee and writing my next post.  My heart skipped in excitement as I already knew what it was...a box housing a nicely packaged styrofoam ice chest with three cold packs and bubble wrap all around my medication! This medication, that momentarily sat on my front porch, … Continue reading Carry On…and Smile Along the Way!

The Storm Begins To Brew…

I knew something was wrong.  I know my body and something didn’t feel right.  “Maybe it’s just the road trip,” I told my husband and son. Living in South Carolina, we had just arrived home from Arizona.  Maybe being in the car caused my feet and ankles to swell horribly.  They also felt like they … Continue reading The Storm Begins To Brew…

Right Here…Right Now…

I was recently (formally) diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  I felt that writing about it would be a great coping mechanism for me.  Many events have transpired to get me to this point, so if you feel like you’re in a boat all by yourself, this blog may make you feel otherwise.  I’m here to try … Continue reading Right Here…Right Now…