A Knack For Unique Gifts…A Valentine’s Day Story

My Valentine post (#12) for LMC Every Woman Blog. Enjoy!❤️

Every Woman Blog

By:  Marianna Boyce  

“Who’s the Best in All the Land?”

Does Someone Hear a Marching Band?

image3For me, Valentine’s Day is like most other holidays.  We shouldn’t wait for a specific date on the calendar to be thankful, patriotic, giving, or loving.  We would all better benefit to celebrate these wonderful qualities on a daily basis.

Holiday or not, my husband Gerry has a knack for giving very unique gifts.  The gift he gave me in 2004 is by far, the most unique gift ever!  Stay with me a minute.  There’s a backstory.

It was my son’s sophomore year in high school.  Cody was also a marching band member.  As band parents, we chaperoned most of their trips and events.  It was no surprise when we were asked to help with their Disney trip that year.  I would be responsible for twelve students and Gerry would have thirteen.


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Why Is This One So Difficult?

     I am struggling to find words to convey this momentous appointment.  I had a large portion of my next post written but I scrapped the entire thing!  Not one word of it was copied and pasted to start a new one. More time is needed but I hope to post it soon.  It … Continue reading Why Is This One So Difficult?


I am reblogging my 4th post for Lexington Medical Center’s “Every Woman Blog.” It’s from last year but my intention is to integrate them all.  Thanks for reading!

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce

I loved reading Jeanne Reynolds’ Every Woman blog post in August called, “Going retro: In praise of the pencil”.  I thought I was the only person left on the planet still using a paper calendar and pencil.  With a new app for this, and a new app for that, who keeps up with life the old-fashioned way?  I at least know of two people!  I love my iPhone, iWatch, and iPad, but not to keep up with various appointments and routine daily life.

ducksI recently left from work in a rush.  I drove through that wonderful rush hour traffic on I-20 heading toward Lexington.  I had a hair appointment at Salon on Main.  Of course, that also entailed the blissful and always uneventful traffic flow into the town of Lexington.  I actually made my 5:30 appointment on time.  I was waiting for Brittany to call…

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The Birth of a Blog…A Quick Summary

I remember the moment I knew something was wrong.  It was late afternoon on that fateful day, June 16, 2016.  I had been home mere seconds upon our return from the most amazing road trip across the United States of America.  I immediately started journaling my unfortunate symptoms and all the variables surrounding my now, very … Continue reading The Birth of a Blog…A Quick Summary

Our Fleeting and Pivotal Moments…

“Our Fleeting and Pivotal Moments” was the 2nd post I submitted to Lexington Medical Center’s “Every Woman Blog” published on August 30, 2018. I am reblogging this for three reasons. It serves as a good introduction for any new followers of “My Alternate Universe”. It will gel well with the post I am currently working on to release soon. Last but not least, re-blogging it places it on my website to weave it in with my personal story. (I want my two blogs in one place.) For those who have read it, thank you! For those who have not, I hope you enjoy!

Every Woman Blog

By Marianna Boyce

We all experience them.  More fleeting moments may be the first day of school or becoming a teenager.  Ahh…we knew it all then, didn’t we?

What was your first job?  Mine was working at Hardee’s in Lexington.  It was there that I learned the value of an honest day’s work, and I actually had some fun along the way.

I also recall the purchase of my first car. My daddy wasn’t sold on it but I HAD to have it. It was a yellow Pontiac Sunbird and it was also a lemon!  My daddy was right…again.  Yellow was indeed, the perfect color.

The next car I bought was a brand new Mustang.  Working at Hardee’s actually did pay my bills.  It was my car payment, insurance, and gas money.  I lived at home until I was married.

As for my first date with Gerry, he invited me…

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Those Wintertime Blues

My latest post (#11) for Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman Blog. It’s not a “sexy” topic of discussion but I felt like someone may need this today. Thanks for reading…

Every Woman Blog

By: Marianna Boyce

Have you checked in on your friends and family lately?  It’s important to ask those close to us how they’re doing periodically, especially after the holidays.  We never know what someone is going through.  They may seem fine on the outside but could be experiencing sadness and chaos on the inside.

img_0754 (1)

Speaking of sadness, have you ever heard about symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or SAD?  Our shortened winter days make for very long nights.  You are most likely affected if you start to feel sad or depressed in late fall carrying through the winter.  We crave more daylight hours and can hardly wait until Daylight Savings Time begins.  This year, the day for those wintertime blues to magically disappear is March 10, 2019.

According to mayoclinic.org, symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are as follows:

  • Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day✅
  • Losing interest in…

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel (Part II)

As a coping mechanism, I began honing my skill in the art of invisibility.  I began shutting out the people I love and trust the most.  Seclusion was becoming more and more attractive.  I hated living in my own little world, but at the same time,  I also loved living in my own little world.  My … Continue reading A Light at the End of the Tunnel (Part II)